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    Hi EveryBody;

    I just purchased the iCreative theme for WordPress and I have trouble to install it correctly.

    When I try to import the XML files i have an Error 500 and i don’t have all fonctionality with your shortcode.

    For Exemple, I cant make 2 column because this fonction is not available, just this one is ok : [column nm=”4″]Sample Content[/column]

    Maybe i have make a mistake somewhere, it’s my first one page blog and it’s really different than others.

    Thank by advance for your help.

    Best Regards,


    Tran Trug
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    Hello D3lfine,

    Thanks for contacting with us.

    About shortcode column, you use [column num=’4′]sample content[/column]. Sorry about this mistake.

    And import the XML file, Could you send to us your FTP + WP admin to check?


    Send details ( with the forum link.


    Tran Trug
    Post count: 66

    Hello D3lfine,

    We have fixed the problem with showing image link on slider for you.
    We have added 4 options for background color for you to custom the section you want.

    Here is a screenshot:

    Another option is to use background as video, right now our theme use class “colon7” to show the video.

    This is a screenshot:
    You are not using this section class right now, so do you want the background to be video?

    Note that every sections that use background as image will turn into video that was chosen, you can’t pick each section a video like the images

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