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    Hello support,

    It’s me again, thanks a lot for your previous supports, and I have few more questions about the theme:

    1. I started from using the iCreative dummy code and try to modify and build my site on top of it, but when I start interchange the order of the sections, some redundant blank area started to show up around the imgcover, which makes the blank looked quite wide on the page. Interchange the order of the tags like [/section], [/div] or [/imgcover] just change the position of the blank, but it stays around the imgcover like this:
    Another problem when interchanging the order of the sections is that the background video stops working, despite the youtube link is still there. It uses the background image instead, with one exception, the background of the testimonials, which uses one of your dummy photo and I can’t find a place to change it, like this . If possible, I’d still like to have the background video back, thanks~

    2. What’s the best resolution for the imgcover photo? Cuz when I zoom out or change to a wider screen, the imgcover stop being responsive at a certain point.

    3. I’d like to change the number of works that the portfolio shows, where can I find it?

    4. When I get into the single portfolio item page, there’s the line “our awesome single portfolio page”, where can I change it? I’m putting the single portfolio under the gallery mode, and there’s the black arrows under the line, which don’t work and stop the page from scrolling once the cursor happens to be on top of it. Is it possible to remove it? . And is it possible to put social sharing functions to the single portfolio page?

    5. Similar for the blog page, I’d like to change the line “this is an example tagline message” and like to know where can I change it. There’s social icons showing up on the blog pictures, where can I change the urls of it and what urls should I change it into for the sharing to work? If it’s set properly, it should share the post url instead of the picture itself right?

    6. I’d like to add vimeo and youtube icons in the social widget at the footer bottom, could you please add them to the list? Or is it for the sharing purposes and not for linking to social pages like facebook pages?

    7. Is it possible to have two different portfolio sections in the same page without intersecting with each other?

    8. On the all blog posts page, is it possible to put some category links for dates, post types..etc?

    Even more questions this time…really grateful for your help and support, thanks a million!

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    Sorry~forgot to mention one thing, the updates are not coming out from my dashboard, i.e. new theme updates don’t notify me through the wordpress dashboard. Is it because I’m working on local? Thanks.


    Tran Trug
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    Hi r96941046,

    Thanks for contact with us!

    1. – [imgcover] it have style margin-bottom: 30px. If you want to delete the blank looked quite wide on the page you can go to
    Dashboard->Appearence -> Theme Options -> Style Option -> Custom CSS(texteare), you add this code: .avatar-image{margin-bottom: 0px !important;}

    – And background you can change it in Dashboard->Appearence -> Theme Options -> Slider Option -> Choose option background(Image/ Video). Other background you can change in it.

    2. Which img cover photo stops being responsive? The background or the featured image.

    3.If you want to change the number of portfolios work, you can edit the shortcode file, in the following function:
    function portfolio_func()
    Find the line
    change the number of post_per_page to the number you want.

    You can edit in Dashboard->Appearence -> Theme Options -> Home Settings.

    6. Right now our theme doesn’t support vimeo and youtube icons in the social widget at the footer bottom. If you want we can show you how to change that.

    7. Yes you can do that.

    8. The all blog posts page only show posts, it doesn’t show other post_type posts.
    What do you mean category for dates.

    9. You should install the theme on a host so we can check and fix your problem easier.


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    Hello Tran,

    Thanks for the quick response, really appreciated it. I’ve put it on host and here is the URL:

    1. I’m currently viewing the site on a 27″ monitor, and the background cover image (the one with [imgcover] tag in the page text) doesn’t fill the screen, looked like get cropped or something. It’s responsive when the monitor is smaller, but it’s not for wider screens.

    2. I do choose video background, like this, , but it doesn’t show up, so I upload a photo for background contact image like this, . The image shows up but with one exception, the one at the testimonial section, it’s one of the dummy photos and I can’t find a way to fix it. If possible, I’d like to have the video background back, thanks.

    3. Got it, Thanks.

    4,5. OK, and I’d like to know where to change the url of the social sharing buttons on the blog images, because it’s now

    – Similar things for the client logos (in my website case, it’s dealership logos), can I change the url when clicking on the logos? Because it’s now also .

    6. Yes, I do need vimeo and youtube logos on the bottom, how can I do that? Thanks.

    7. How to do it? Because when I simply put in another [portfolio] tag in the page, it shows the same content as the original portfolio.

    8. Never mind, I just figured it out, thanks.

    9. I put it on a host, but I still can’t see updates of this theme coming out from the dashboard, do I have to update it manually?

    10. As you can see from my site, the blog posts don’t do well on text overflow (ellipsis, or truncating?), they show all the chinese words. I noticed the problem, and installed a plugin called “Chinese Word Count”. After that, the word count in the text editor is back to normal, but despite that, the posts are still showing all the chinese words. I can’t find a way to fix it and may need your help, thanks!

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    Tran Trug
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    Hi r96941046,
    1. Can you give us your ftp and wp-admin information, we’ll fix it for you.
    2. You can select video or image in Theme Options > Slider Options, then all of your background images will be videos or images,you cannot select the background in Testimonials to be different from other parts.
    We will update the code soon.
    4,5. You need to update the following files.
    6. We still don’t fully understand what you want. You can see in
    There are 2 icons of youtube and vimeo:
    Are these what you want?
    7. Yes it is because it has the same code, how do you want each portfolio to be, we can change it for you.
    9. You need to go to themeforest to update your theme files when we have updated for the theme.
    10. We dont understand what you mean, can you take a screenshot of the problem.

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    Tran Trug
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    Hi r96941046,

    We have updated our code, please download attached file then open the .zip and upload all folders under icreative/ folder to the your hosting account that’s it. Your theme will be updated.

    – You can add new social link in list socials display in footer.
    – You can change background in each section image background.

    With your [portfolio] we have 2 suggestions for you.

    + You can change number post display in section portfolio with element “post=10″ same following code:
    [portfolio post=’35’ view_text=”][/portfolio]
    but if you want to show all post with 35 items, the content will be very long and doesn’t look so nice.

    + So we have created other element button link that leads to “All portfolio list” in shortcode [portfolio]
    [portfolio post=’10’ view_text=’View all portfolio’][/portfolio]

    – if element view_text=”, button link will be disable.




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    Hello Tran, sorry for the late reply,

    Thank you so much for the update, I really appreciate it!

    I have updated the code, and that has solved a lot of previous questions. I really like the “all portfolio list” design, simple and practical. But I still need some help here:

    1. The background cover image problem, I can provide you the ftp and admin information, but I’ll need your mail.

    2. Yes, I’ve selected video in Theme Options > Slider Options, the problem is, it stills shows image background. Btw, thanks for the update, sweet design for being able to put different background images in different sections.

    4.5.6. Solved, thanks.

    7. I’ll need two independent portfolio sections, one in current section, the other between contact and dealership sections ( the site ), and I’ll need to be able to do independent settings on my wp-admin, including category and single portfolio items. Does it also need my wp-admin information to do it? Thanks.

    8.9. Solved, thanks.

    10. See the two blog posts in Chinese here, it’s on main page, but it’s not cropped to limited words like the English posts do, and thus making the main page look much longer. In the first place, I found the word count for chinese post isn’t correct on my wp-admin editor, and then I found a plugin called “Chinese Word Count” that makes the word count back to normal. But in main page, the post is still not getting cropped.

    I’m fine with giving the wp-admin information to you, but I have concern about how the future update will work. Am I still able to make normal updates including theme updates and plugin updates after these custom settings are made? Anyway, really appreciate your help, thanks a million!


    Tran Trug
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    Hi r96941046,

    Thanks for purchased and contacting with us!

    We have to check your theme so send ftp and wp-admin infomation for us with mail:, please!
    – Background Image.
    – Other section portfolio.
    – Short content blog post.

    We really like your site!

    Thanks again!


    Tran Trug
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    Hi r96941046,

    We will check for you in next week.

    Thanks for contact.


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    Hello Tran,

    Ok, got it, really looking forward to it, thanks.


    Tran Trug
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    we have fixed your broblems.

    – Background video display or none is by section[colon7], however you didnot use it, so we have edited it in section testimonial.

    Note: if you want to display video background you have to use section[testimonial], and that video will be a background of every section has image background.

    – About the text display in section [blog] cause by your language, now in each post have custom box “The Except” you have to enter your content which you want to display in blog. Please see the following example:

    – And section [portfolio] we have add new shortcode [custom_posttype] with elements:
    + view_text=” : to display button “VIEW ALL POST”
    + post=”: to display number post in each section, default post=’10’
    + query :

    • recent_date_asc : display recent post orser by ascending
      [custom_posttype query=’recent_date_asc’ ][/custom_posttype]
    • recent_date_desc : display recent post orser by descending
      [custom_posttype query=’recent_date_desc’ ][/custom_posttype]
    • post_today : Returns posts for this day
      [custom_posttype query=’post_today’ ][/custom_posttype]
    • post_week : Returns posts for this week
      [custom_posttype query=’post_week’ ][/custom_posttype]
    • from_to: Return posts from January 1st to February 28th
      [custom_posttype query=’from_to’ fromdate=’January 1st, 2013′ todate=’March 23th, 2014′][/custom_posttype]
    • in_post : Display only the specific posts, limited: 15 post in element arr
      [custom_posttype query=’in_post’ arr=’577,588,591,565,567,568′][/custom_posttype]

    Please see the screenshot:

    and link example:

    However we didn’t know your ideas about custom section [portfolio] so if you want to other option Could you feedback to us? We willing to help you.

    Thanks for contact with us.
    Have fun!

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    Hello Tran,

    Great thanks to all those timely supports! Really appreciated!

    – Background video solved! So now both section[colon7] and section[testimonial] work for me? Thanks.

    – “The Except” works like a charm, that solved the problem, thanks.

    – Great shortcodes you’ve added to the portfolio, making it much more complete, really like it! About the custom portfolio, what I mean is that is it possible to add a second portfolio, which has different content from the first one? It’s because I’d like to have two portfolios, one displays my work, and the other one displays our workshop’s work. Putting them in one portfolio create confusion for copyright, so…
    That means there will be like portfolio 1 and portfolio 2 in wp-admin, and having different sets of categories. So that I can set them independently in wp-admin. Is this possible?

    And one little question, am I still able to make future updates for plugins and themes after these custom settings?

    Anyway, you’ve been putting in great effort to help me with the theme, you guys are providing great customer service, and I really appreciate it, thanks again!

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    Tran Trug
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    Hi r96941046,

    – We have solved your custom portfolio, we add new post type Ourwok, you can use Portfolio and Ourwork same way. In the home page you can use shortcode [ourwork]. This is our demo:

    However we have note for you

    – About update plugins. Yes, you can!

    Ah for help us improved our product and support could you rate a great stars here help me? then rate here:

    Thank you so much!


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    Hello Tran,

    Huge thanks to the custom portfolio, that solved the problem. You’ve been having great patience with my problems, really appreciated that, and (I think) everything’s solved.

    I have completed the rating, 5 stars, thanks again for all your full support.

    Love the theme.

    Best Regards,

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